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Vocal Local Breakfasts

We have many benefits available to our Project members, but one of our favourite events is the Vocal Local Breakfasts that we organise.

At these events, we extend an invitation to a member who would like to talk about their passion. This does not necessarily need to be about their business. In fact, the aim isn’t for this to be an advertising session for their business, but rather is an opportunity for them to let other business owners and consumers know more about them personally.

These events are also built on a partnership system, we approach a Project member to host the venue and cater. If they are not able to cater, then we will bring another Project member in as a caterer. We give our water suppliers the opportunity to supply water at the events, some members provide table decor. We also get photographer members to do the photography or videography of the event.

As you can tell from the above, these events are TOTALLY focused on our members and what they supply. It’s a great opportunity for locals to support locals.

The event itself does not follow any formal structure. We will start off with a short word and introduction from one of the Project team and then we go straight into the talk from the speaker. The talks to date have been very fun, informative and interactive. If you haven’t been to one yet, look out for our next event announcement (after the lockdown of course…) on Facebook. We’d love to see some new faces at our events!

Past Events

We have had two fantastic events so far, well attended and supported and there was an amazing sharing of information, creating contacts and general support of local businesses!

Emma Weise from FreshSage

We had a really inspiring and informative talk by Emma Weise from FreshSage.

This session was held at Ginger&Co who provided a fantastic breakfast and coffee. Water provided by Bella Aqua in Gonubie. The table decor was provided by Evergreen Indoor Gardens (you’ll see this name further down…). Shannon from ShanBright Photography kindly donated his time to do the photography and videography for the event.

A video recording of this event is available on YouTube and you can watch it below, or click here to see it on YouTube.

Roxanne Loraine-Grews from Evergreen Indoor Gardens

Roxanne represents Evergreen Indoor Gardens and was the next to get the opportunity to talk to a group of business owners and consumers.

She gave her talk at the Coelacanth Bistro at the East London Museum. Catering and coffee was also by them. Water at this event was provided by Taylor Made Water.

Roxanne spoke to us about the benefit of having plants in your business. She took the extra step of explaining to us the huge benefits of Spekboom, the South African wonder plant.

Roxanne then went on to provide a pot, some ground, and a Spekboom to each person at the event, for us to plant and take home. It was really interactive and a great touch to finish off with! I am the worst person to trust with a plant, but my Spekboom is still going strong!

In closing

These Vocal Local Breakfasts are lots of fun and a great way to get to know fellow business owners and consumers in East London. If you are already a member of the Project and would like a chance to speak at a breakfast, drop an email to

If you own a business in East London, and aren’t a member yet, Why Not? Head over to our signup page and join!

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