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Local Yokel Website Facts and Figures

We thought we’d give you an article focusing on our website. How it works, what the hits are, what the searches are, etc. We’ll make it an easy read. If you own a business and are based in East London, make sure that you join the Project and expose your business to this fantastic opportunity!

One of the first things to tell you about the site is how to get there! Our site is available at The aim of the site is to have a central point where consumers and businesses can gain and share information about the Project, each other and the local businesses that belong to the Project.

Site contents and structure

The site contains various information pages, a contact page with our details, a sign-up page for new businesses to join, this blog, and most importantly, a Member Business Directory.

We have kept the site as simple, yet effective as possible. It is a constantly evolving project (with no end in sight)! We look forward to receiving your input so feel free to add a comment below on functions that you feel would add benefit to the site.

Member Business Directory

I want to start off talking about the Member Business Directory. This holds pictures, details, lists of products and services as well as contact information for each member. You can also send an inquiry through the page if you’d like some info from them.

To find the directory, you can click here to go the Members page, click Members in the menu on the main page, or use the search function at the top of all main pages.

The search is a wildcard that will search the name, description, product and services list of each member, and then return a list of any matches. You can then follow the link to the member that you would like to look at.

The Blog

We are quite excited by the blog section of the site. It’s a new addition and is a great opportunity for Project members to talk directly to our followers and thereby build their own following in the area.

We asked the East London consumers through our Consumer Focus Group on Facebook (click here) why they want to support local businesses. The over-riding answer was that they want to support people that they know.

This is where we feel the blog adds value to the members. They get to tell a story to our followers and make connections with existing and possible future customers. Where else would you find this opportunity? If you’d like to contribute to the blog, it’s really easy. Be a member of the Project, write an original article with an East London focus, you may talk about yourself and your business, but it’s not a simple advertising opportunity.

So if you want to contribute it’s easy.

  1. Hit the button below to join the Project
  2. Email your article to
  3. Include at least one picture relating to your article

Some figures about the Project

The figures are accurate at the time of writing.

  • The site has been running since 2014 and was one of the biggest starting points for the Project.
  • The site has had 552448 Member profile views since inception!
  • There are 280 East London locally owned and mostly independent businesses registered with us.
  • We have had 1245 Quote Requests through the site since 01 March 2019.
  • The site has shown up in 129564 Google search results since 01 January 2020.
  • We have 28 categories of businesses listed on the site, from “ACCOMMODATION” to “RESTAURANTS, COFFEE SHOPS AND TAKE-AWAYS” and all others in between.
  • Some of the most searched terms on Google have been for
    • business brokers
    • dress hire east london
    • attorneys
    • wellness
    • signage
    • vehicle hire
    • bakers
    • printing services

More Reasons

Do you need some more reasons to join our Project? Yes? Ok, here’s a couple more for you.

  • Our site ranks VERY high on google search, this rank benefits you by ensuring that most of our members are listed on the first page of google search results.
  • We constantly monitor our page for usability, SEO and speed, this keeps us very relevant and high on results, once again, your listing is also high on results.
  • If you sign up as a contributor to our blog (only members are allowed to), your name will also get indexed and will get high listing on Google.

The above 3 points are VERY important. Ask yourself how often you look at the 2nd page of Google search results? A listing on our page pushes you UP!

In closing

Our site is only one of our tools, but it is easily the one that we are most proud of. It’s grown with the Project, taken on a life of its own and offers HUGE return on the investment. To us and to our members.

Look out for more upcoming articles on other tools that we use to accomplish the goals of our Project and how they can add benefit to your business.

If you have any questions, feel free to add a comment below and we will get back to you.

Otherwise, if we’ve convinced you, hit the button below now!

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