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Furever Fixed – The path so far

Our journey with animal welfare began in 2018.

The start

We are vegan, avid animal lovers, and best friends. Amy Long began fostering kittens on behalf of another organization and I found a kitten in my car engine.

While looking to adopt a second kitten I realized that aside from driving to Pet Pals or SPCA, there is no way to just find a kitten online to fall in love with and adopt.

At that moment Amy and I decided to start a Facebook page to assist anyone with animals looking for homes (but not for sale) and Furever Homes East London, the Facebook page was born. We shared any animals needing homes, from strays to animals from the SPCA to Amy’s foster kittens.

In May 2018 we realized the magnitude of the problem and that while East London is home to many rescue organisations, the sterilizations to prevent these animals being born were not being done at a fast enough pace to make an impact.

Furever Fixed

We took a deep breath and Furever Fixed was created. Furever Fixed is the main aspect of our organization, we strive to sterilize as many animals as possible as prevention is the key to saving these animals.

Some results

Our passion is sterilization and in 2018 we sterilized 420 animals, in 2019 we sterilized 1282 animals, our goal for this year is 1500, with us having achieved 305 so far.

We run a TNR program which is Trap, Neuter, and Release. Feral cats are humanely trapped in a cat box, sterilized, receive an ear clip, and then are safely returned to their colonies.

Our largest sterilization achievement is 106 cats living at Garcia flats, no easy feat, but one we are immensely proud of.

End the spiral

With every litter we take in, we try our utmost to ensure the parents are sterilized. By not ending the cycle and allowing the parents to continue to breed puts an unreasonable amount of pressure on all the welfares in this town. Our program ends this spiral!

We run our fostering program out of various homes, we are not a shelter and operate via appointment. We take in kittens from birth to 12 weeks old and under exceptional circumstances we will take in feeding mom and her kittens.

Some of the things that make us stand out;

  • Our bottle feeding fosters mimic their mom and makes sure they are fed often, sometimes hourly.
  • Our older kittens remain in our care until we find them forever homes.
  • They are treated for fleas, dewormed, and vaccinated.
  • We have a legal team on our side who have drawn up an amazing contract so that we can ensure that our kittens are taken care of and most importantly sterilized at the correct age.

While we are dedicated to cat welfare, we also assist with the rehoming of puppies and dogs. Space factors limit our ability to take puppies in, but we can ensure they go to excellent homes. To rehome an adult dog we ask that they are first sterilized and remain with you until the perfect home is found.

On top of making sure our adopted animals are sterilized, we also assist Tess from the Furry Godmother with sterilizing the township animals in her feeding program.

Our needs

Furever Fixed - Cover


Each sterilization ranges from R500 to R1000 so funds are always needed, with the outbreak of Corona, our fundraising abilities have been limited and we have had to postpone 6 big ones for the year.

Any funds that could be donated would come in really handy right now!


While we need funds to be able to continue with our constant sterilization bill, we also need the following products to help support the numerous animals in our care.

  • Royal Canin Mother and Baby Pellets
  • Royal Canin Kitten milk
  • Capstar
  • Milbemex kitten dewormer
  • Litter – any type

Spread the word

Any form of publicity that you can give us also helps, like and share our Facebook page and posts, Invite your friends to like and share our page, Share this article (by using the share and like buttons below.

In general, talk about us to your friends and family.

Contact us

We operate via WhatsApp and request that any queries be WhatsApp as we have full-time jobs. Requests will be responded to as soon as possible.

For any sterilization or TNR queries please WhatsApp Amy on 0796962626.

To adopt, surrender or rehome please WhatsApp Amber on 0712933063.

Bank details

If you are able to donate any funds to our campaign, please use the bank details below. Furever Fixed is a registered NOP with number NPO:215-410.

Name: Furever Fixed Animal Rescue

Account: 1585881846

Bank: Capitec

Branch: 470010

Appeal for R100.00 donations and bank details for Furever Fixed


Here are just a few of our Facebook testimonials!

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