Juliet Grieg - Artist

Juliet Grieg - Artist



by Juliet:

I was born and raised on a farm in the Eastern Cape. I now live in East London with my two sons and my husband, Dave. I believe that growing up on a farm made me appreciate the beauty, colours and textures which Mother Nature provides us with. Sunsets, different colours in grass, little streams in valleys, colourful old walls on buildings. All these things are balm to a painter's soul.

For me, painting is a form relaxation and the perfect opportunity to express myself and create the colours I love. My local hardware store is kept quite busy with my questions and experiments when it comes to painting abstracts and I enjoy playing with different paints and materials to create interesting colours and textures. Many people have commented on my wide variety of subject matter, but I confess a preference for painting flowers, landscapes and seascapes.

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