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XL Aloe Travel is located at 59 Frere Road Vincent East London and is owner managed. Founded originally 1981 by the Weir Investment Group, Aloe Travel was formed to fulfil the need for a highly efficient and professional service-orientated travel agency in East London. In 1999 Aloe Travel was awarded the Diners Club / ASATA Award for the Most Professional Travel Agency for Region 5 - (from Mossel-Bay to Natal.) and is still the leading travel agent in the region. Managing Director Laurette Haynes has been in the industry for 35 years and our Manager Japie Coetzee for 30 years.

Through the years Aloe Travel has received numerous accolades from airlines, suppliers and corporate clients. XL Aloe Travel is affiliated to XL Travel Holdings, a dynamic group of quality travel management companies focused on providing innovative, customised and financially rewarding solutions to corporate customers. Also a member of Radius which gives us world-wide representation.

We pride ourselves in providing a professional service at competitive prices through experienced consultants, advanced technology and market position. We are big enough to be powerful yet individual enough to be personal. Our goals are to be partners with our clients in the provision of travel solutions, understanding their needs, managing the travel portfolio and delivering arrangements to their most exacting requirements. We recognise that travel constitutes a high percentage of any corporate budgets and are committed to cost savings and effective pricing through itinerary options and supplier negotiations.



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