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Forword & Co. provide a fantastic service that solves the ‘challenge’ most bridal couples will face on their wedding day. It’s epic fun, affordable and entertaining for guests of all ages.

By using some of the best lawn games available for all occasions, we provide a fun and fantastic service for that rather awkward time at every wedding –You know, that 60-90 min grave yard shift between the ceremony and reception where the bride & groom disappear for photos. Friends & family all left standing around trying to make time go by.

Well, that’s where we come in! By the time they get back from taking millions of photos and are all smiled out, their guests will have to be dragged into the reception. We’ll break the ice and all guests will be happy as ever.

We have some of the greatest lawn games from around the world to keep your guests smiling while you’re off taking pretty wedding selfies.

Choose us and make your wedding day that little bit more EPIC for all your guests.



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