Caelum Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Caelum Technologies (Pty) Ltd



Caelum Technologies is a technology driven company focused on remote sensing in various industries including geographical mapping, land surveying, construction, building and development, security, agriculture / forestry and others. 

Using remotely piloted aircraft we gather aerial data with a variety of sensors. We combine this data with land survey points and process into usable information such as 3D building models, cartographic maps, orthophotos, 3D digital surface models, point-clouds, contour lines, heat maps, and other specialize and customized solutions required by our clients.

Caelum Technologies is a well-established company with state of the art equipment and skill sets. For many of our projects we use drones to capture aerial data (photography, videography, remote sensing). We then link this in with ground data, survey points and multiple software packages in order to create the final products. Our specialists then analyse the final data and report to the client. 

We have experience in many fields from general photography and videography through to complex GIS mapping and analysis systems.



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Mapping, Film production, Aerial photography, inspection, Precision Agriculture, GIS digitizations and services


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