Mariaan Botha Audiologist

Mariaan Botha Audiologist



Mariaan Botha is not simply an audiologist but is a social mover and shaker who takes hearing care to new heights.

She is the brain behind “Shake your Sugar” - a simple way to draw attention to the vital importance of our sense of hearing. Early detection of hearing loss due to chronic diseases like diabetes can prevent deafness.

For the past 11 years she has partnered with various stakeholders to expand awareness campaigns and improve service delivery.

This single mother offers pro bono services to seven community projects. She is an ardent advocate against stigma and discrimination based on hearing loss. As a management member of the SA Association of Audiologists for 10 years she is shifting the emphasis of audiology from treatment to prevention, and is an acknowledged ambassador for her profession.

Patients describe her as “no ordinary audiologist”. Specialist doctors praise her for relentlessly pushing the boundaries to find solutions.

For the disability sector she’s a dedicated and an invaluable asset.

Mariaan Botha might not make the blind to see or the lame to walk, but she is helping the deaf to hear and is sparing untold numbers unnecessary suffering.



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Digital Hearing aids, Implantable Devices, Custom-made ear plugs for swim/shoot



Assessment of Hearing, Middle ear, Tinnitus, Vertigo in Diabetes, Trauma, COIDA


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