success&colour was born out of my inspiration to pay forward, help others and assist where I can with guidance and understanding. This, following my own life lessons, what I have learned, read, researched and especially, what I have gained from others. After working with people for many years and after gaining immeasurable experience in a range of fields, I embarked on this journey, hoping to add colour into what sometimes seems a grey world for a lot of us. Over the last couple of years, I was privileged to have gained insight into so many new areas and endless opportunities have presented themselves in order for me to enhance my understanding and know-how. I am passionate about people and their personal growth and empathetic towards various situations, traumas and life circumstances we find ourselves in. My quest has led me to coaching and guiding of others but above all to add that motivation and inspiration into their worlds, wherever possible, whilst continuously learning from what others have to offer. As I am an author and have also written children’s books, I use imagination and creativity in my workshops courses and programmes. Mindfulness is important to me and I encourage it through all my works.
success&colour aims to guide where possible in all areas of life, teaching life skills, teambuilding, creativity and so much more. All my information or writings come from my own inner understanding and opinions. Therefore acts as a guideline to those who support success&colour. We hope to guide YOU to be the best YOU, you can be - each of us being unique in our own way - each of us having to discover our own path to happiness and fulfillment, whilst unpacking and unraveling limiting belief patterns, ideas and misconceptions that hold us stuck in one place.
This journey is about growing and learning, and success&colour would love to be part of the journey with YOU!




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