Ocean Life Line Project

Ocean Life Line Project



This project allows specific and speedy assistance for those marine animals that are affected in the ocean due to various reasons of which many are man made. This Project is an independent project, so funds received go directly to the following: Medication for stranded animals Transporting stranded animals back to the environment or rehabilitation centre Products needed to clean oil covered birds and animals Rehabilitation of sick, washed up and stranded animals Awareness and informative signage and campaigns relating to Marine events and animals Promotion and awareness of special outreach projects on endangered species. If you or your company would like to contribute, please get in touch with us. You will also automatically become a FELA member and get free Family Membership which gives you and your family continuous free entry into the Aquarium, as well as the quarterly newsletter to keep you informed as to what we are up to. Company contributions of R500 or more per month will have their logos placed on the East London Aquarium website as well as facebook pages relating to the project. All contributors will be mentioned in the FELA newsletter that is sent out to all FELA members. Please just ask for a Debit form to start you contribution process. Thank-you!



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