Carel Du Toit Centre

Carel Du Toit Centre


Carel Du Toit Centre


The Carel du Toit Centre in East London assists pre-school deaf children in the Eastern Cape, in the natural acquisition of language and speech, through the maximum use of technology and the provision of parental guidance and support, so that they can speak in the hearing world. Our vision is to see that children diagnosed with deafness in this region receive the help they need to grow and flourish as individuals, eventually reaching their full potential as adults.



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Provision of help, support and guidance classes for parents and families of hearing impaired children. • A pre-school with small classes for deaf and hearing-impaired toddlers where they are taught to hear and to speak through the Audio-Verbal method. • Language delayed pre-school children needing language therapy can be accommodated before they mainstream. • Individual Speech therapy as part of the Frere Hospital Outreach Programme. • One on one Language therapy for the children. • Aftercare where further language enrichment takes place. • Mapping services for adults and children fitted with cochlear implants. • Additional English language enrichment lessons for scholars already in mainstream schools. • Access to information and individual help from a wide range of healthcare professionals. • Additional English Language enrichment lessons for hearing impaired ex Carel du Toit Scholars who are now mainstreaming.


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