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DNF Waste & Environmental Services



DNF Waste & Environmental Services (DNF) is a 100% Black Woman Owned Waste Management Company (BBBEE Levl 1), which was established in 2008 and provides a wide scope of  provides waste & environmental consultancy services. As the leading purchasers of recyclable waste in the Border-Kei area specialising in Glass, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Can and Used Oil- DNF serves a broad spectrum of cosumers and businesses.  They even produce Glass Sand for the following industries: Sandblasting, Decorative Paints, Gardens / Landscaping, Recreational / Golf courses, Filtration Media etc.

As a local innovator in the waste and environmental services sector for this region, please contact the DNF team to see how you can take part in the greener future of our city and beyond.



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Used Oil Recycling | Waste Recycling | Recyclable Waste Material Collection | Cardboard Recycling | Paper (newspaper / Magazine) Recycling | Paper (common mix) Recycling | Cans (Steel and Aluminium) Recycling | Glass Recycling | Tetrapak Recycling | Plastic Recycling


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