Busy Hands Soft Play

Busy Hands Soft Play


Busy Hands Soft Play
Busy Hands Soft Play


We recognized a need for party entertainment for the younger children, who tend to get hurt whilst playing on the jumping castles with the bigger children. The target market is aimed at toddlers under 4 years old. As most mothers of toddlers will agree, little ones love to climb up and jump off of things and in doing so hurt themselves and end up in tears. Soft Play provides a safe playground for the smaller children to play in. Our equipment t is manufactured from foam and positioned on foam safety mats for a soft "fall", eliminating injuries. The equipment is covered in 550gram PVC, easy to clean and durable. Many parties have been set up with Soft Play equipment , with excellent results, satisfied parents and happy children. With Busy Hands soft play your little ones party will continue rain or shine as it can be set up inside your home



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Mobile soft play sets



Hiring out of soft play sets for toddlers birthday parties, play dates etc.


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