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At BRIO Wellness we are all about your health and wellness. We want you to be able to Live Life Well. Focusing on health metrics, we offer programs to get you on your path to wellness or weight loss.

BRIO Bellies is our prenatal and postpartum exercise offering.

We are passionate about providing specific exercise programs for pregnancy and recovery after birth. Aiming to guide our moms to feel comfortable in the exercise choices they are making, as well as in their own skin.

Exercise during pregnancy is safe, as well as beneficial.  Both for mom and baby. 

But perhaps the most challenging and beneficial exercise you should consider is in the postpartum period.  We even have a 6 week guided program to help you ‘Bounce Back’.

All our programs are backed by medical professionals within their fields.




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Needing exercise equipment?? We can help you source whatever you are looking for.



Guided Health and Wellness Programs (8 or 12 weeks) | Prenatal exercise for the moms-to-be who need safe effective programs | Postpartum exercise for recovery after pregnancy & birth, and to keep up with mom-life | Group exercise classes for Core conditioning, General conditioning, Prenatal & Postpartum | Online programs for your wellness, core, strength, pregnancy & recovery after baby


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