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Hope Farm is a practising organic and permaculture farm. They run permaculture courses that are internationally Recognised. The foundation forms part of a community with Hope School which is an HIV affected school. Their aim is to be able to provide them with organic produce in order for these over 150 children and staff to receive the necessary nutrients they so desperately need. The farm is situated in East London and planting is done on a 2 week rotation in order for there always to be crops and organic seed harvesting for their onsite organic seed bank. Hope foundation is aiding the local community and providing them with the tools to become self sufficient.



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Training - courses and workshops that are Internationally Accredited, Markets- where local produce will be sold.



Aid community projects and Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes / Projects.


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101 Thornycroft Road, Summerpride,
East London

079 367 7151

079 367 7151




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