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Making history and making wine! Filling barrels and filling hearts! Stirring musts and stirring minds! Chasing fermentations and chasing dreams! Toasting barrels and toasting high and holy hopes! Harrison Hope Wine Estate is the visible and invisible fruit of the pioneering spirits and passionate pursuits of Ronnie and Janet Vehorn. After 350 years of wine making history in South Africa the Vehorns pressed the first Eastern Cape estate wines in February 2009. From a few humble plantings in 2006 (Genesis Vineyard), without development capital or a local wine history to diminish their risks, Ronnie and Janet managed to produce the first chardonnay, pinotage, and merlot wines. These 2009 vintages established another historical milestone by becoming the first ever estate wine in the Eastern Cape province. That same year SAWIS, the certified wine regulatory body in South Africa, created a new wine region in the country to accommodate Harrison Hope’s bold venture. “Wine of Origin Eastern Cape” was born. Against some of fine wines’ greatest foes HH continues to create the Eastern Cape’s only estate wines. The list of foes includes late frost, summer rainfall, berg winds, hail, common duiker and one solitary Vervet Monkey who is playing with his pension! In 2009 a second vineyard (Emma’s Plot) was planted at The Hope increasing the vines to 2 hectares and adding two new varietals to the stable….sauvignon blanc and shiraz. From those early years when production was as low as 600 bottles Harrison Hope production has grown to 5000 bottles in 2015. The 2015 vintages will include for the first time all five varietals growing on the estate….chardonnay, pinotage, merlot, sauvignon blanc, and shiraz!!! Harrison Hope holds tenaciously to the vision that the Whittlesea community and surrounding rural area can become a vibrant wine destination offering the quality of life associated with mature wine regions around the world. “Making a difference while making unique wines” sums up the heart of Harrison Hope. In all things HH touches we strive to incarnate an ideological pillar of our passion: “A Hope Runs Through It!”



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