This is a very exiting initiative to encourage consumers to consider where the money spent in our region, ends up.  We all need to make a conscious effort to keep MORE of OUR Rands in OUR own town and the surrounds!  This will create more employment, more sense of community, more investment, more local expertise and less carbon footprint! The positives are endless and it makes so much sense!

As a business, you can join the Local Yokel Project to grow your business through the support of YOUR community.

Who can join?
You may only join this project if your organisation is owned and operated from East London (& the Border Kei Region): offering products and services that directly benefit the LOCAL economy of our YOKELS!

What are the benefits for members?
The Local Yokel Project promotes your organisation by encouraging consumers to buy products and services from members. The Project will serve as a platform to the public, providing the local community with the knowledge of WHERE they can support other home-grown initiatives and RECYCLE their RANDS directly back into the local economy!

Your membership will be listed in our various forms of media, providing insight to consumers and in turn you will be able to take advantage of our Proud Local Yokel brand.

We shall host interaction events to allow meet and greets of fellow members and will produce an annual directory of LOCAL YOKELS! For more info call Meg on 0724735269 or mail meg@localyokel.co.za


About Us

The Local Yokel Project encourages consumers to buy products & services from the local community by providing the knowledge of WHERE & HOW they can support fellow home-grown initiatives to RECYCLE their RANDS directly back into the local economy!



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Our Mission

The mission of the Local YokEL Project is to bring consumers and locally owned businesses together for the benefit of social and economic growth of the East London community!

Our Philosophy

We whole heartedly stand by our philosophy of spend it here, keep it here!  We're educating consumers about making the correct choice about where to buy first - and who the local businesses actually are. You can rest assured in knowing that all organizations listed here have a vested interest in our East London community. We are leading local consumers to local service providers and and bringing local service providers to consumers - it makes so much sense for all of us!  So remember to spend it here and keep it here!