The more money that stays within our region, means more job creation, more entrepeneurship, more local expertise, more investment, improved sustainability due to less carbon footprint etc etc... The objective is for each consumer to be more aware of how they invest their money and where it ends up... Keep it here and make a difference to our local economy and ultimately make East London a better place for all of us!


You may join this project if your organisation is owned and operated from East London (& the Border Kei Region): offering products and services that directly benefit the LOCAL economy of our YOKELS!

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The Local Yokel Project promotes your organisation by encouraging consumers to buy products and services from members with a vested interest in our local economy.


Do you want to SUPPORT a LOCAL YOKEL?  Browse our member directory to see WHO to choose as your supplier or service provider in order to keep your investment here and promoting our economy.  Spend it here, keep it here!

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Join the LOCAL YOKEL PROJECT today to open up a whole new avenue of ethical marketing for your organisation.  From artists to automotive dealers and zookeepers to zip-makers.... This is an opportunity for the entire A to Z of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers and more!

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